AFP-Lookup has reached EOD (End of Development) and is now in maintenance mode.
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For every area of application the suitable package

Function Professional
(Version 2.x)
Complete Light
(Version 3.x)
(Version 3.x)
Familiar Explorer-style Windows interface yes yes yes
70 built-in code pages yes yes yes
Multilingual user interface yes yes yes
Search functionality yes yes yes
Save text dumps of the analysis results yes yes yes
Save text dumps in batch yes yes yes
Preview and print of analyzed page in AFPDS viewer module yes yes yes
Hex-Window for native structured field representation yes yes yes
Hex-Editor yes
List all used or referenced resources yes yes
Extract embedded resources and objects yes yes
Comment out and reactivate Structured Field groups yes
UTF-8-Support yes yes yes
AFP Container Support for SVG-, PCL-, PostScript- & PDF-Containers (optionally) yes yes yes
AFP Mixed mode preview (optionally) yes yes yes


If you want to know it exactly

Complete analysis of the AFP data stream without AFP manual besides with the different editions of AFP lookup: Including document preview, resource list and built-in hex editor (depending on the license).

With AFP-Lookup the user gets a structured insight into each of his AFP files. In the form of a familiar explorer interface, each MO:DCA structured field - even those now discarded by the AFP Consortium - is displayed in its respective hierarchy. With this stable software, the user is immediately able to analyze even corrupt AFP files by himself. As far as possible, each page is displayed in an AFP viewer module for preview and offered for printing. A hex viewer allows viewing individual structured fields “as is”.

New since version 3.8: The preview now also supports a selection of common AFP container formats such as PDF container, PostScript, PCL or SVG, which can be added individually as required!

If information such as NOP records or index values cannot be found quickly enough via the structure, the built-in search function will help. AFP files created on foreign platforms or in other countries can still be easily opened using one of the numerous built-in code pages. A function for saving analysis excerpts rounds out the feature set.

AFP-Lookup Complete, the most complete AFP lookup ever, also offers editing of structured fields in the hex editor, a listing of all AFP resources addressed in the respective AFP file (no matter if embedded or referenced) as well as extraction of embedded AFP objects like page segments, overlays or other types!


Functions at a glance

  • Representation of the latest AFP architecture
  • Supports Interchange Set/3 (IS/3)!
  • Windows interface in familiar Explorer style
  • Analysis of all AFP data types (AFP, page segments, overlays, fonts, etc.)
  • Display of all AFP objects (Presentation Text, GOCA, IOCA, Bar Code, etc.)
  • Support of all structured fields and triplets
  • 70 built-in character sets
  • Multilingual user interface
  • Advanced search function in the analyzed file
  • Saving of extracts for archiving, comparison or printing, also in batch mode
  • Extensive display options
  • Preview and print in AFPDS viewer module
  • Hex window for data stream based display of structured fields
  • Hex editor for specific editing of individual SF’s (depending on license)
  • Resource list of all used resources (depending on license)
  • Extract embedded AFP objects (depending on license)
  • Preview of selected AFP container formats like PDF, PostScript, PCL or SVG container (optional)


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