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(Version 3.x)
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Familiar Explorer-style Windows interfaceenthaltenenthaltenenthalten
Support for the whole AFP architecture
70 built-in code pagesenthaltenenthaltenenthalten
Multilingual user interfaceenthaltenenthaltenenthalten
Search functionalityenthaltenenthaltenenthalten
Save text dumps of the analysis resultsenthaltenenthaltenenthalten
Save text dumps in batchenthaltenenthaltenenthalten
Preview and print of analyzed page in AFPDS viewer moduleenthaltenenthaltenenthalten
Hex-Window for native structured field representationenthaltenenthaltenenthalten
List all used or referenced resourcesenthaltenenthalten
Extract embedded resources and objects
Comment out and reactivate Structured Field groupsenthalten
UTF-8 Supportenthaltenenthaltenenthalten
AFP Container Support for SVG-, PCL-, PostScript- & PDF-Containers (optionally)enthaltenenthaltenenthalten
AFP Mixed mode preview (optionally)enthaltenenthalten


Complete analysis of the AFP data stream without AFP manual aside with the various editions of AFPLookup: Including document preview, resource list and integrated hex editor (depending on license).

With AFPLookup, the user gains a structured overview of each of his AFP files. In the form of a familiar Explorer interface, all MO: DCA structured fields – even those being rejected by the AFP Consortium – are shown in their respective hierarchy. Analyze even corrupt AFP files with this stable software. As far as possible, each page is displayed in an AFP Viewer module to preview and offered for printout. A hex viewer allows viewing of individual structured fields “as is”.
New since version 3.8: Preview now also supports a variety of AFP container formats like PDF container, PostScript, PCL, or SVG, which can be booked separately as required!

The built-in search helps finding any information, such as NOP Records or index values. AFP files created on foreign platforms or in other countries can still easily be opened with one of the many built-in code pages. A function to save analysis extracts completes the functionality.

AFPLookup Complete, the most complete AFP-Lookup of all times, allows editing of structured fields in the hex editor, furthermore, presents lists of all AFP resources used (whether embedded or referenced) and allows extracting embedded objects, such as page segments, overlays, or PDFs!


  • Support for the most actual AFP architecture
  • Support for Interchange Set/3 (IS/3)!
  • Familiar Explorer-style Windows interface
  • Analysis of all AFP data types (AFP, page segments, overlays, fonts, etc.)
  • Displaying of all AFP objects (Presentation text, GOCA, IOCA, BAR Code, etc.)
  • Support for all structured fields and triplets
  • 70 built-in code pages
  • Multilingual user interface
  • Search functionality
  • Save text dumps of the analysis results, even in batch
  • Preview and print of analyzed page in AFPDS viewer module
  • Hex-Window for native structured field representation
  • Hex-Editor for native structured field representation and modification (depending on license)
  • List all used or referenced resources (depending on license)
  • Extract embedded resources and objects (depending on license)
  • Preview of specific AFP container formats like PDF, PostScript, PCL or SVG containers (optionally, with costs)



Complete Light

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