Lookup2 MultiDoc – First Step into a New Era

Dear all,

I’m glad to announce the upcoming product Lookup2 MultiDoc, mostly a further extendable multi-format viewer for print data streams with a subset of daily analysis functions well known on one hand but also in close collaboration with the functionality of AFP-Lookup on the other. We are in the process of finishing the last details and work hard to give you the possibility for your own tests within the next one or two months.

Others would call this phase beta phase or closed customer feedback loop, for us it’s more an affair of the heart: The end of Visual Basic 6 development at CRE-DO, no, it’s not near (AFP-Lookup will get support for a minimum of two years from now on, for sure), but we believe to be prepared for the future with Java and Eclipse 4 RCP now. More information on Lookup2 MultiDoc can be found on our new websites www.Lookup2.com and www.MultiDoc.com

Stay with us and our famous old and upcoming poducts, and our consultants and software tools will be in future what they’ve been in the last 17 years for you: True Friends!

Best regards from Germany