Version 3.8 with AFP container support published

Sometimes also subversion updates take long, too long maybe: When virtually “nothing” has changed but “everything” is new below surface on a deeper look, it can be an interesting question how to number such a release. Release AFP-Lookup Complete 3.8 resp. AFP-Lookup Professional 2.12 is such a subversion release with small, big steps evolving from an already complete product to one being more complete. Main new features and updates in this version are:

  1. Extended AFP container support, additional preview of PDF, SVG, PCL or PostScript containers
  2. Selectable alternate preview module (alpha) with extended capabilities
  3. Support for external standard formdef to be used if not embedded in resource group
  4. Correct differentiation of varying page and object resolutions in position calculation
  5. Full UTF-8 support (automatic detection)
  6. New license server for centric license management
  7. Extended error logging on errors raised by preview module
  8. Possibility to copy text from hex window
  9. Object extraction on right click now uses detailed object type for better results

One last word to AFP container support: Since needs are different, we’ve decided to offer mentioned additional preview filters optionally. You are free to book any combination as you like just by purchasing a filter update/upgrade from our website as you would do with any new license usually. Your existing license key will be updated in the background.

Since all our licenses contain free (software-) lifetime updates, you are free to update to these brand-new versions at any time, just by download and install over your existing installation of AFP-Lookup Complete 3.x or AFP-Lookup Professional 2.x, respectively.

Guido Schnepp