Extended container support (PDF, SVG, …) is coming!

Upcoming versions AFP-Lookup Complete 3.8.x and AFP-Lookup Professional 2.12.x will bring a very special treat in addition to many normal changes: Official AFP Container Support for the print data formats PDF, PCL, PostScript and SVG!

What’s so special about it? AFP files are aware for other file formats for a long time already, known as “AFP Container” support. These containers are used internally like any other page element, only that this element is a PDF page instead of native AFP; sometimes, AFP pages are mixed up from different formates.

AFP-Lookup’s built-in viewer is multiformat capable, so mixed file formats building a page will be supported officially and displayed with the said program versions – without the need to print proofs and hope that the printer will master these additional formats. Extending your existing license will then be as simple as relicensing the missing container formats.

Look forward to it!

Keywords: AFPDS PDF Container PCL PostScript PS SVG